Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Jailbrk iOS 8 And iOS 8.1 With Pangu On iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, iPad, More

It was with grt excitement that we brought you the information on how to jailbrk iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 with Pangu on the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s and iPad. This update came from the Pangu tm and it is untethered. We have alrdy given you step by step instructions on how to do this so if you haven't alrdy, you will find the information in our recent posts. If you are alrdy jail using Pangu8, make sure that you update the latest untether package so that you get all the bug fixes that have been implemented. Jailbrking has always been rllly popular and every time brings out a new firmware there is a rush to get a jailbrk so that iOS device owners can update to the latest firmware without losing their beloved Cydia. relsed iOS 8 back in September and there were so many people looking to jailbrk their i iPads and iPod Touches on the latest firmware. We were spoilt with the relse of iOS 7 becauce Evad3rs came up with a jailbrk fairly quickly before Pangu arrived with a jailbrk for iOS 7.1 and up. When iOS 8 was relsed however, we were back to square one and followed their initial iOS 8.0 relse with 8.0.1 and 8.0.2 before dropping iOS 8.1 in October so that support for Pay was made available. Pangu rlly did surprise up by relsing Pangu iOS 8 � iOS 8.1 jailbrk for iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5s, iPad Air 2 and all other devices. The initial relse was in Chinese and for only. It also didn't include Cydia but Saurik soon updated Cydia for iOS 8 but you have to manually install it. A week after this Pangu version 1.1.0 was relsed in English with Cydia bundled with it. Our previous post included step by step instruction on jailbrking your iOS device using Pangu and we are delighted to be able to report that this jailbrk has gone down a trt with the community. We are always keeping an eye on the jailbrk scene and report everything that happens right here so be sure to check out what we have posted and follow our blog for more information as it is relsed. This is especially important as has relsed the first beta of iOS 8.1.1 and if they have this jailbrk you will be the first to know.

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