Tuesday, May 24, 2016

This iOS 9 Concept Contains Some Exciting Ftures []

When relsed iOS 8 to the public they allowed for the use of third-party boards and widgets which is amazing. However iOS could offer so much more and Ralph Theodory, a tech enthusiast, has crted an amazing showcasing his concept for iOS 9 which contains some rlly grt ftures which we couldn't wait to show you. Below you will find a list of some of the ftures he proposes as well as a showcasing everything. Let us know what you think. Srch In Settings - This fture would allow users to srch for any sort of setting in the Settings app giving fast access without the need to scroll all the way through the listings. History In Settings - We love this one. Every time you do something in iOS it will be logged so you can undo changes and go back to rlier settings any time you want. Perfect if you make a mistake and need to undo a change. Settings Everywhere - This is another fture we would love to see implemented in iOS 9. In the app switcher, users can access settings for any app by simply swiping down on it and revling the settings option.Siri Spell - This is another very strong contender for future ftures in our opinion and when you consider that Siri is unable to recognize some words, having it prompt you to spell it out so that it can lrn from it would be amazing.SpringBoard Display Types � Round SpringBoard - Users will be able to switch between three types of SpringBoards: Normal, Zoomed, and the rounded Watch-like home screen. New Music Ftures - Again we rlly like this one. A swipe up from the bottom of the Now Playing screen will allow you to access settings such as �Set as Ringtone�, �Equalizer� and more. No need to go through a menu to do this.New Feed - Another grt id is that the native app will now list all feeds from various strming apps installed on your iOS device. Lrn - Theodory is looking at Tips evolving into Lrn � an app that will tch you everything there is to finding your way around your iPhone and iOS. Pretty useful for new users. There are lots of other grt ftures to be found in this iOS 9 concept and the best way to view them all is to take a look at the below. Be sure to let us know what you think and what ones are your favorites in the comments section.

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