Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Pangu For iOS 8.1 Is Stable Enough, Update And Jailbrk Now While You Still Can

have rolled out their beta version of iOS 8.1. and along with all their usual bug fixes and minor twks, the main thing that the jailbrk community is concerned with is the fact that it plugs s that have permitted Pangu8 to work its magic. This mns that when iOS 8.1.1 is officially relsed to the public, you will lose your jailbrk if you update to this firmware version. If you have alrdy updated to iOS 8.0 or are running on any other firware, you will still be able to jailbrk your device using Pangu, but with iOS 8.1 being quite a hvy update it does make sense to update to this version if you haven't yet. We never know when beta software is going to be relsed and the advice from the Pangu tm is that anybody planning on jailbrking in the nr future should be making all the necessary precautions now before it's too late. This mns updating your devices to iOS 8.1 by running a restore through iTunes. The Pangu tm have publically stated on Twitter that will relse iOS 8.1.1 soon, and that you should update to 8.1 now, while its still being signed because the update will the jailbrk. Also taking to twitter was Cydia crtor Saurik who was happy to tell his followers that if there are waiting until things are stable enough to jailbrk devices running on iOS 8.0 to 8.1 then they should do it now using Pangu as it is stable enough. The people behind that last few jailbrks have continually advised users to restore in iTunes rather than applying an OTA, which can throw up issues of its own during the jailbrk process, so if you are updating to iOS 8.1 for the purpose of using Pangu, then be sure to connect your device to your PC and do it this way. Once you have iOS 8.1 up and running on your device you can do what you want from there as long as you don't update, you'll be able to jailbrk using Pangu8 at any time and run Cydia on your device. That's all we have for the moment but as soon as any other news makes it our way, we will be sure to let you know.

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