Tuesday, May 24, 2016

TaiG iOS 8.1.1 Jailbrk According to Saurik

Everyone wants to know about jailbrking and when a new jailbrk is relsed users want to know if they can trust it. The latest jailbrk tool to be relsed is the TaiG iOS 8.1.1 jailbrk tool. This is the first untethered jailbrk for this firmware and naturally people were curious. We know very little about the group called TaiG and once the jailbrk was verified, the next question to come about is how trustworthy it is. After all, if you are going to install this on your personal device, you want to know that your information and data is safe.
The question of safety and trustworthyness is very appropriate as you don't want your personal information ending up on some server somewhere. In the case of TaiG, well known jailbrk MuscleNerd has a look and he himself declared that this iOS 8.1.1 untethered jailbrk was safe to us. What we gathered from this is that the jailbrk tool itself isn't installing anything dodgy on your system and that you personal information won't be . This was enough for some people though and many were wondering if the silence of Jay Freeman, aka Saurik, the crtor of Cydia was damning.
Jay Freeman is the go to person for everything jailbrking and he run Cydia, the store where you can get all the best jailbrk twks. Well the silence has been and Saurik has posted on Reddit giving his eral feelings and comments about the TaiG jailbrk. We have a screenshot of what he had to say below so you can rd it but we will tell you, that he still has some questions to ask before he will fully support the jailbrk. He has pointed out though, that he is not the best person to be asking about the safety of a jailbrk because this is not his forte. Anyway, have a rd through the screenshot below and make your own mind up on this matter.
If after rding the screenshot below and you find that �probably safe� is enough for you and you want to jailbrk iOS 8.1.1, then the TaiG jailbrk tool is the way to go.

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