Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Northern Tale


Northern Tale [FINAL] |170MB|

A butiful led filled with magic, bravery and amazing adventures!
The story of Northern Tale begins in the lands of the mighty Viking king Ragnar. He returns home and finds his kingdom cursed and his sorceress-daughters stolen by the wicked witch. Ragnar embarks on a journey to save his family and clnse his kingdom of evil.

In his journey Viking king is assisted by his brave companions: frless Druid and cunning Exorcist. Together they will face countless dangers. In her rage the witch stole all the colors from the lands, inhabited forests with fierce bsts and her undd guards. Use your wisdom, magic and might to restore the balance and deft the evil!

Travel across butiful forests filled with mythical crtures! Find Ragnar’s daughters and deft the witch!

Northern Tale

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