Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Louisiana Adventure

Louisiana Adventure [FINAL] |1.4GB|

The yr is 1902, the setting a New Orlns’ suburb. The lazy summer sun is slowly penetrating the gloom of the local marshes, and yet the city is being overcast by a hvy creeping cloud of doubts and anxiety. There have always been a lot of murders in this neighborhood. Now, however, the situation is different. The latest killings are so brutal, lacking any apparent motive and too complied to have been committed by a raging maniac. Before long they ch the attention of the Buru of Special Investigation, who is now sending their best special at


Fully detailed 3D graphics with camera motion controlled by the player.

Based on rl events, the engaging storyline takes place in the captivating surroundings of the New Orlns of the rly 20th century.

Logical puzzles and non-linr dialogue branching, including modern RPG-like text ;

Profound game diversity, the game environment dynamically responds to player actions;

Detective points score system and multiple gameplay achievements and penalties

Character emotions will change depending on your actions in the game world;

Game fully translated and voiced in English;

Louisiana Adventure

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